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Nothing is Impossible

When seeking motivation or inspiration, I always turn to my dependable source, the bible. “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me,” is the scripture that helps me stay focused and strive for greatness.
Every morning as I look at myself in the mirror I recite the message as well as at night. The statements empowers me and eliminates any doubt. Sometimes life’s circumstances produces fear, uncertainty or possible insecurities. This scripture reminds me that I’m not alone. It helps me to keep pushing forward and with Christ’s assistance, nothing is impossible.
I can recall a time when it seemed as if life was unbearable. Being a single mother of three trying to finish school while working a job that barely paid enough to pay most of the bills. Many times, I had to make the decision on which was more important, paying the rent, lights or getting groceries. I remember one day going home from work and to no surprise, the lights were off. After just spending my last ten dollars on groceries, I wasn’t able to get candles.
Thank goodness my children were younger and didn’t fully understand what was happening. I immediately collected a few toys with lights and we pretended that we were camping out in the living room. After the kids finally fell asleep, I used one of the toy’s light to read the bible.
"I prayed to God that I needed a word to help me through that trying time."
I prayed to God that I needed a word to help me through that trying time. With no scripture in mind, I opened the bible. The bible opened to the chapter of Philippians and my eyes fell on the fourth chapter, verse thirteen.
The next morning before work I walked to a nearby Workforce Solution. I was greeted by gentlemen that was eager to assist. Normally timid, I boldly requested support. Before leaving the facility, he prepared my resume, contacted someone from a state agency for childcare aid and scheduled me an interview for later that day. The worker even referred me to his church for utility assistance.
Typically, I’m a shy person that wouldn’t freely speak about personal issues, but that day instant self-assurance appeared. That moment forward I have lived my life based on that scripture.
Can you believe that I now have the courage to slay my giants and the power to conquer the world? God’s word encourages me when I feel overwhelmed. I now know the greatness inside me can achieve anything.
Knowing that all things are possible, I live free of bondage. Since the creator of the universe gives me strength, I am unstoppable. I no longer allow limitations to exist within myself. When you think about God’s strength, you cannot be defeated. No matter how difficult a situation appears, you can succeed. This scripture can be applied to any area of your life.
If you are struggling mentally, physically, financially, or emotionally, God’s strength will see you through. If you believe with your mind, body, and soul, you too can do all things through Christ.

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