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Free Yourself to Destiny

Key Terms for your journey:
(Acceptance, Forgiveness, Patience, Understanding, Grace, Appreciation/Gratefulness, Deservedness, Vision and Goals, Openness, Willpower to overcome, Gratitude)
Awakening to your soul’s mission
What is a soul’s mission? A soul’s mission also known as your life’s vision is having a clear comprehension of your purpose in life. The intent is to know who you are, why you are and how to fulfill your intended accomplishments. Many of us have failed to recognize our soul’s mission but the awakening process is only too late after your death. This means that if you are if you’re alive, you can still identify and achieve your mission. Some ways to arouse the process is to expose yourself, explore yourself and empower yourself. Expose yourself by trying a new hobby, engage in new activities, or participate in something outside of your comfort zone. Explore yourself by gaining more knowledge about yourself such as journaling, searching your likes and dislikes, mediating, spending time with yourself, challenging yourself to different things quarterly (learn a new language, make a new friend with someone that has opposite traits of current friends, help someone just because you’re alive.). Empower yourself by empowering someone else, embrace your strengths and weakness, open yourself to life, surround yourself in a positive environment, and incorporate daily self-care.
The lonely journey
Some parts of your journey are meant for you to walk alone. Stop trying to force family and friends into an area of your journey that was designed specifically just for you. This specific time is to allow for you to learn from your past, create new opportunities, objectives or necessary changes, understand yourself, your purpose and/or your situation, recuperate and rebuild your physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual strength, and plan your next step or goal. By taking the time for yourself, you will avoid unnecessary friction, headaches, heartaches, pressure and possible feelings of emptiness. Instead focus your energy on your life’s mission and enjoy it to the fullest.
Detox from negativity
Yes, you can experience restrictions from your surroundings, but negativities are not just environmental. The most important aspect of negativity derives from our inner being. Whether its low self-esteem, lack of self-love, or absence of self-importance, we conscious or unconsciously invite pessimism into our lives. As a result, we surround ourselves with toxic environments, relationships, friendships, lifestyles, etc. In order to detox from despair, one must identify their weakness (insufficiency of self-appreciation, self-interest, self-purpose, etc.), then seek understanding of the cause and treatment whether it's through therapy and/or self-care.
Embrace change
Life's changes are constant and inevitable, but it shouldn't be ignored. You have the choice to change many things in your life (I.e. bad habits, partners, friends, employment, etc.), but you cannot avoid unpreventable life-changing events (death, pandemic, tragic illness/accidents, etc.). We can change our minds, our appearances, spouse, and even change time twice a year but the only way to deal with these transformative situations is through acceptance, patience and understanding.
Welcome your purpose
Follow your heart. There's not an age limit to accept and follow your destiny. Whatever you’re passionate about regardless of other’s views, accept it and own it! This is your life so live it according to your happiness. For me, I choice to allow myself to continuously attract all aspects of abundance and prosperity through self-love. I fiercely choose to accept the embracement of self-beauty and self-expression while living my best life. I understand that it's an honor to be me, so I choose to love and be loved. Each day of my life I will generate a positive environment and I know positivity will always surround me
effortlessly. I know that I’m worthy and capable to fulfill all my heart’s desires. Through my creativities, I will provide the world with my valuable resources using my unique talents and unstoppable power. Why? Because I recognize that I am an intelligent and gifted soul who accepts the destiny of my soul’s mission. I understand that change can only happen with a courage attitude. I have chosen to be successful in every area of my life, while being happy and accomplished. Conceited? Of course, not! Life has taught me that the only way to truly free yourself to destiny is to fully accept, trust and love yourself.
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