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My Sister's Keeper

Laughter, tears, joy and pain. When I look over my shoulder, I stand comfortably in boldness knowing my sisters are near. Light skin, dark skin, my skin, your skin, we are all on one accord. Curious minds might wonder who these beautiful women are standing strong. It’s sisterhood. Mistakes, goals, break up and make ups. Marriages, divorces, children and trips. Long conversations or a quick text, I know my sister will be by my side. Across the street or across the country, our love never fades. Kinship or no common DNA, our bond is very strong. Her secrets in my ear will never depart from my lips. Silly talk with a glass of wine or a sip of tea, she always knows how much she means to me.
Sisterhood represents unbreakable relationships built with a unique love. Building one another up with encouragement. Dependable women willing to assist each other. This community of females share, care and dare. They are willing to share their possessions. They care for one another. They dare anyone else to degrade, mistreat their sister, or watch her fail. Their friendship is cherished and never taken for granted. My sisterhood represents many of variables but here are a few that come to mind.
Support – Sisterhood is a support system for their group of friends. Everyone needs a helping hand, a listening ear or a friend to help them mentally escape the world (even if it’s thirty minutes).
Invested – Each person is gifted with time, talent or treasures. Each person needs someone with the gift of time, talent or treasures. Why not offer what you have available to your sister?
Sincere – Sisterhood involves heartfelt relationships. Genuine bonds are formed.
Trustworthy – Can you be trusted? Every woman wants a friend that she can trust. Sisterhood is a group of women that rely on the comfort of trust.
Empathetic – Our conversations contain compassionate words toward our girls. The only gossip in our vocabulary is to communicate how we can help each other reach our goals.
Reliable – You should always be reliable source for your sisterhood. Everyone needs someone that they can depend on in a time of need. Sisterhood is that dependable foundation.
When I think of sisterhood, I think of my relationships. I don’t get to speak with my friends daily but when we’re together, it’s as if we were never apart. Because we don’t share bloodline, legally we’re not considered family but, in my heart, the title family is an understatement. Our time together is priceless. The commitment cannot be disputed. To me each of my friends are worth more than rubies. Our commonality is our beautiful hearts and our dedication to spread our love. Neither of us will deny that our love ones are the apples of our eyes. Undeniably, we adore, value, and respect each person in our sisterhood community. My sisterhood is indeed irreplaceable. We compliment each other in actions. I am able to be the astonishing women I am today because of my incredible sisters.

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